About Aphrae

AB Aphrae is a specialized small combined consulting and investment company

Investment activity

Investments where we take an active ownership role

We invest directly or with partners in a small number of companies that can benefit from our active participation in how to develop them. In our active ownership role we invest and then engage with partners and management of the companies in the most relevant way for each situation. We make our investments with a long term value growth horizon.

Portfolio management and investment

We invest in a portfolio of companies, private and public where we feel the growth and return opportunities can justify our investment. We make our investments with both short and long term horizons.

Consulting activity

Consulting Activity

We engage with a select set of companies and organizations at times of strategic discussions and business development. We work in such areas as: Strategic development, articulation and execution; Acquisitions and business development opportunities; Governance of corporations and organizations including Corporate Social Responsibility; Communications and public affairs with a special focus on EU affairs; Human Resource and Talent management; Leadership, organizational structure and cultural development.

Mode of engagement

Leif Johansson participates in Boards of Directors. Aphrae can act as a Partner for dialogue to individuals or leadership teams. We can engage with very different timespans, from participating in short specific meetings or specific issues, to longer term activities.